Credit: John Sciulli/Getty Images; Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for Literature on Thursday, becoming the first musician to do so in the award’s 115-year history. While some authors expressed confusion at the Swedish Academy’s announcement, Tim Heidecker, of the comedy duo Tim & Eric, celebrated it with a fake Dylan song of his own.

On Thursday afternoon, the comedian released “Talkin’ Nobel Prize,” a song very much in the folksy style Dylan first employed in the 1960s. Heidecker impersonates the 75-year-old singer-songwriter and croons that he’s unfazed after winning the Nobel.

“You give it to prisoners you give it to kings, an outlaw like me don’t need those things,” he sings. “All you want is someone who sings, but you can’t buy me with diamonds and rings. … I don’t need your prize. Look into my eyes babe and see how i despise this prize.”


Hear the Nobel Prize song below.