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Now that the Evil Queen has made her presence in Storybrooke known, EW has decided it’s time to put Once Upon a Time executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis in The Hot Seat, where they have the option of answering your questions from Twitter with “Yes,” “No,” or “Can’t say.” Get the scoop below:

Will the main cast venture to the Enchanted Forest in present day this season?


Will we see any other secondary characters have flashbacks this season?

EDWARD KITSIS: Absolutely.

Will we ever learn what would have happened if the first curse never happened?

HOROWITZ: Interesting.

KITSIS: Can’t say.

Will we ever get flashbacks of Emma’s time with the Swan family?

KITSIS: That’s saying that she had a Swan family and that’s how she got her name.

HOROWITZ: We can say that we will not answer that question to you right now. [Laughs.]

Now that Hook is moving in, will we see any domestic moments with him and Emma?

KITSIS: Absolutely, and with Henry.

Will we learn who Hook’s mother is this season?

HOROWITZ: Can’t say.

Will Snow get an untold story?

HOROWITZ: Yeah, we’re going to see a new chapter from her past.

Is the person who killed David’s father someone we’ve seen before?

KITSIS: Can’t say.

HOROWITZ: I don’t know, have you seen someone who did it? Let us know!

KITSIS: Please report it! Anyone who knows what has happened to David’s merchant drunk father and his cart accident—

HOROWITZ: Who may not have been a drunk!

KITSIS: —please report it as soon as you can to the Storybrooke police.

Will we get to see young Charming this season?

HOROWITZ: We get to see younger Charming.

Henry is the author and can write the stories of all the characters, but is there a limit to his power?

KITSIS: Absolutely. We saw the limit when we did “Heroes and Villains,” which is you write history, you don’t create fiction.

Is there any chance of Regina being the one who fights the hooded figure in Emma’s vision instead of Emma?

KITSIS: Can’t say.

HOROWITZ: We don’t want to talk about what happens in that vision just yet, because that’s important and a secret that we want to keep.

Is the Evil Queen still angry because of Daniel’s death?


KITSIS: One thing I will say about the Evil Queen — and she, I think, is going to say this — is one thing she doesn’t have is forgiveness. She doesn’t forgive, so she’s not just upset about that, she’s upset about everything.

Since Regina could not destroy the Evil Queen, does that mean she can’t be killed?

HOROWITZ: That’s a great question and one we explore.

Will we soon discover why the Evil Queen didn’t die after her heart was crushed?

HOROWITZ: We will explore the various reasons for mortality, or lack of mortality, for both the Evil Queen and Regina.

Will Regina find love again?

HOROWITZ: One can hope, but I would say that she is still grieving. She lost a love.

KITSIS: Listen, she’s very adaptable, but it’s only been a few days, so let’s let her have some time.

HOROWITZ: She’s not on Q-Date yet.

KITSIS: Quinder.

Does the Evil Queen have anyone else’s heart?

KITSIS: Can’t say.

Will we see the Evil Queen pretend to be a fake Regina at any point this season?

KITSIS: Can’t say.

Will we get to see more backstory on the history of Rumple and Regina’s relationship?


Does the Evil Queen have an agenda in regards to Zelena?


Will Rumple’s lullaby get Belle to reconsider?

HOROWITZ: Reconsider might not be the correct word.

KITSIS: I would say that right now she’s thinking about Rumple’s relationship with the child first before the one she has with him.

HOROWITZ: But she is thinking about both.


Can we trust Morpheus’ claims that he’s Rumple and Belle’s child?


Will we see Colette again, especially now that Belle is going to be a mother?

KITSIS: Probably not. We will see more Rumple and Belle backstory.

Has Jasmine been in Storybrooke since the Dark Curse?


Do Jasmine and Snow know each other from the past?


Does the Jafar scene with Aladdin predate Once Upon a Time in Wonderland?

KITSIS: It way pre-dates it, because Jafar ends up in a bottle in Wonderland.

HOROWITZ: Pre-dates and remains canon.

Can we expect any connections this season to OUAT: Wonderland?

HOROWITZ: Yeah, in the sense that we try to honor that story and stay constant with it. We’re not picking up directly a lot of those threads. We do hope to get to the Will and Ana story—

KITSIS: But young Alice has turned into Eleven on Stranger Things.

Is there more than one key to the Land of Untold Stories?


Will the key maker be revealed?

HOROWITZ: Can’t say.

Will August return this season?

KITSIS: Can’t say.

Will the holy grail make an appearance this season?


Is there going to be an engagement this season?

HOROWITZ: Can’t say.

Any chance for a time jump this season?

KITSIS: Can’t say.

Will there be more death this season?

HOROWITZ: It’s a possibility.

KITSIS: It’s always a possibility. Every season there’s death. People die. Emma’s fated to die. That’s part of the show.

Are you writing this as the final season?


Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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