Credit: Noam Galai/WireImage

Nancy Grace feels she had every right to walk out of a SiriusXM interview on Tuesday, after the hosts accused her of “capitalizing on dead kids.”

Appearing on The View Wednesday morning, the 56-year-old HLN host said she had no idea that she was going to be grilled so hard while visiting The Jim Norton and Sam Roberts Show to promote her new Hallmark movie, Hailey Dean Mystery: Murder and Love, and book, Murder in the Courthouse.

“I thought it was just a morning show,” she said. “I had no idea I was going to be interviewed by Beavis and Butt-head.”

During the 13-minute appearance on the radio program, comedians Jim Norton and Sam Roberts grilled Grace about the methods behind her show — which often involved creating catchy hashtags like #BabyInDryer or #PregMomRunOver to help spread the word about cases.

Citing her reports on the death of wrestler “The Ultimate Warrior” and the slander lawsuit Michael Skakel filed a few years back, both men said Grace trivialized something that would otherwise be tragic.

“As a crime victim myself, I guess it’s the way you look at the world,” Grace told them, in response. “I invite crime victims on and tell stories from their point of voice. I help find missing people. I help solve unsolved homicides. Now from your point of view, you would say on any news report is capitalizing on misery. So that you’re signaling out my show is interesting, but I wouldn’t say accurate.”

Later, when asked how she justifies “latching on to all of these hashtags without saying you are capitalizing on dead kids,” Grace shot back.

“My program is to help solve unsolved homicides and find missing people, which we have done. If you don’t like that and you don’t like the way I do it, don’t watch it,” she said.

And like any good prosecutor, Grace also turned the attack towards Norton and Roberts.

“I’m sorry that you guys clearly don’t like what I do,” she told them. “You obviously don’t like me. It’s like the two of you are so anxious to throw a shot at me. You haven’t asked one decent question since I’ve walked in here. Everything both of you have asked has been an attack. And that’s okay! Bring it on. I’ve faced a lot worse than either of you.”

When they continued with their harsh questions, Grace decided to walk out of the interview. “Oops, our time is up — bye bye!”

She told The View that she had almost broke down in tears during the interview, but decided instead to fight.

“It was not funny — it was hell for me,” she explained to the hosts. “They suggested that my program, that I had poured my life’s blood into for 12 years and prosecuted and represented crime victims, was capitalizing on missing children and murder victims. I almost starting crying, but instead I got mad and bit back. And after about 10 minutes, I was like, ‘See you, Beavis.’ ”

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