By Matt Warburton
October 12, 2016 at 04:45 PM EDT
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Every week, the cast and crew of Hulu’s beloved rom-com, The Mindy Project, are taking EW readers behind the scenes of each episode. This week, EP Matt Warburton takes us through the second episode of season five, “Nurses’ Strike.” 

Hot on the heels of last week’s episode, when she had the choice between Danny and Jody, we find Mindy living life with neither. But right away, independence has a cost — Jody has taken back the upstairs apartment he bought for her. One of the fun things we get to do this season is return Jody to being kind of an antagonist to Mindy, something we see a lot of in this episode. Mindy vows to make enough money to buy the apartment. I’ve noticed our show has a lot of subplots about real estate. There was Danny’s brownstone, Jody’s apartment, Colette and Morgan… Next season, maybe we’ll do an arc about the financing of Beverly’s houseboat. 

Back at work, Brendan Deslaurier is trolling for a doctor to work for the midwives (also, he really grew out his hair). He gets chased out and the nurses say they want to unionize. Mindy signs the petition (petitions make her feel better about never voting) and the nurses are happy. Later, the doctors give her hell for signing the petition and she tries to erase it. She gets busted by the nurses and they vote to go on strike. (This really happens, by the way. Nurses just had a big strike in Minnesota. We don’t just pull this out of our ass.)

The doctors now have to cross the picket line, and it’s very confrontational. Jeremy announces that the practice has hired scabs, otherwise known as “free spirited independent nurses.” (We cut a line where Morgan says that he also has scabs — he’s covered in them. Sometimes Morgan gets too gross… even for us!) The scabs are terrible — one of them is Beverly, who superfans will remember played a nurse at the practice in season one. The doctors are terrible at doing nurse stuff on their own, and get spattered in blood — it’s all very gross. That night, Mindy sees that Leo has a really bad ear infection and has to take him to the hospital. The ER is a nightmare without the nurses, so they sit on the floor and wait. We used to end this scene with Mindy and Leo scooting away from a urine puddle, but once again, too gross.

Mindy’s pediatric nurse, Ben (Bryan Greenberg, who’s great), helps Mindy, and together, they sneak off to Shulman & Associates. Ben teaches Mindy a trick to get Leo to sit still for his ear drops, we learn that Leo’s favorite show is Entourage. Mindy has a new friend in Ben — we also learn that he is working as a bouncer during the strike to earn money for his daughter. This gives Mindy an idea. 

The next day, we see that Mindy has found the money for the upstairs apartment (which will become Leo’s room). Where did she get the money? She became the on-call doctor for the midwives — there’s now even an ad on a bus that pictures Mindy saying, “I wish I was a midwife!” The doctors are super mad at her, but Mindy proclaims that there’s nothing too embarrassing when it comes to providing for your kid. Outside, the strike marches on and Mindy spits on Morgan. To be continued next week — tune in!

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Mindy Kaling’s rom-com follows the hilarious lives of an OBGYN and her medical practice coworkers.
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