The singer opens up about the power of voting in Vevo 'Why I Vote' short film

As the presidential election approaches, Kesha is joining a growing list of celebrities — from The Rock to Mark Ruffalo — urging people to make their voices heard on Nov. 8, emotionally sharing her personal reasons for voting.

In the latest installment of Vevo’s “Why I Vote” short film series, the singer explains why the upcoming election is so important to her. “For me, equality is everything. In this election especially, I feel like you’re choosing between someone who is promising to build walls and someone who is hopeful,” she shared. “And if those are my two options, I definitely want to go with hope.”

In previous editions of the series, rapper Vic Mensa discusses police brutality and how that prompted him to use his power, while rapper T.I. says he votes for those who are committed to change the criminal justice system. For Kesha, it’s about her connection to the LGBT community and trying to protect their rights.

“We as a country do not need to step backwards. We need to protect the laws that have been groundbreaking, that have been stepping in the correct direction, that are progressive laws, that finally have been executed,” she passionately stated. “It’s bigger than just who’s sitting in the White House.”

Kesha also urges voters in North Carolina to take a stand against politicians who supported the state’s controversial law dictating which bathrooms transgender people can use.

“Living your truth, whatever that is and being yourself in your skin, in your body, in your sexuality, in your life, and feeling safe — that’s freedom,” she said. “Using your voice, and your truth, and standing up, and talking about what you believe in, and voting — that is your power. You need to utilize that.”

Watch the exclusive “Why I Vote” short film below.