Credit: PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images

The Internet (and Trevor Noah, Jimmy Kimmel, Chelsea Handler, and Snoop Dogg) has found its latest obsession in undecided voter and red sweater extraordinaire Ken Bone, who asked about America’s future for energy during Sunday night’s presidential debate. And, apparently, the man rocks. Literally.

A friend from Bone’s past, Joshua Burkett, posted on Facebook and Twitter, “My ultimate claim to fame in life will be that I was once in a band with the legend Ken Bone and that we spent two summers cruising around our hometown picking up chicks — me failing and him succeeding. And that will be all the fame I’ll ever need.”

Bone tweeted Burkett back joking, “It may be too much. Also we rocked.”

Burkett told Mashable that the band performed “Christian pop covers from the ’90s and ’00s. DC Talk and Newsboys kinda stuff…. He was a pretty good drummer back in the day.”

Another band member even unearthed a photo of the group from way back when with the caption, “Classic Kenbone!”