And he reveals how he really wanted the lead role in 'Pitch Perfect'
Credit: MTV

Anna Kendrick has made public her desire to play Marvel superhero Squirrel Girl. But now she has her sights set on a DC character.

The actress and Ben Affleck, her costar in the upcoming thriller The Accountant, were “interviewed” by MTV News ahead of the movie. While these pre-movie release junket interviews are typical, the two have some fun in this skit, of sorts.

Kendrick expressed how excited she was to act in a movie full of action sequences, praising Affleck for his fights scenes in The Accountant. She eventually turned the conversation, however, to her own desire to get in on the action, revealing her fondness for comic book adaptations. “Can I say what has two thumbs and loves superhero movies?” Kendrick asks. “This guy. Love it. Love them. ‘Put down the school bus, Doctor Disaster’!”

Affleck mentions he’s wrapping up filming on the Justice League movie and is planning to direct a new Batman movie starring himself. In a flash, Kendrick has suddenly changed outfits, now donning Robin regalia: “Holy coincidence, Batman! Any room for a plucky sidekick?”

The Batman himself is nonplussed, and shoots down Kendrick’s subsequent offer to play the lead, Bruce Wayne. “Do I not have the stamina? Do I not have the look, Mr. Trump?” Kendrick asks, referring to the Republican presidential nominee’s recent digs at Hillary Clinton. “You are dream killers.”


“Finally, a little script called Pitch Perfect lands on my desk. Part fits me to a T: Beca, a rebellious, reluctant leader with the voice of an angel,” he reveals, before singing his own version of “Cups.” It gets really awkward there, with a bemused Kendrick asking one simple question after Affleck ruins “the bit”: “What the f— were you doing?”

See the video above. The Accountant opens Friday.