'The Young Hillary Diaries' will release episodes leading up to November election

A new webseries from Lifetime is imagining Hillary Clinton’s bid for the presidency… of her high school class.

EW is exclusively premiering The Young Hillary Diaries, which imagines a teenage Hillary Rodham, who in 1964 dreams of becoming student body president at East Plains High School.

In the webseries, created by Mandy Fabian, Jessica Cabot, Celia Blundo, and Tyler Bourdeau, young Hillary faces plenty of opposition and doubt from her classmates, including her rival — the curiously named Ronald Stump, who tells her at one point: “Hey dummy. Is there anything else you can do with you time? Get a real job — in the home!”


See the trailer above and the first episode below. Directed by Fabian, The Young Hillary Diaries will release new episodes on mylifetime.com/YoungHillary throughout the weeks leading up to the November election.