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With X-Men: Apocalypse rounding out a new trilogy in the superpower mutant universe, the gifted gang now has their greatest adversary to fight: Honest Trailers.

Director Bryan Singer has felt the sting of the Screen Junkies breakdown series before, with his original trilogy placed under scrutiny. The satirical video, seen above, took on Apocalypse to give a retrospective look at Singer’s hand in the overall franchise, citing his original influence as “the director that successfully launched the X-Men franchise, left when things got bad, came back after Matthew Vaughn fixed it and sort of tied it all together.” Vaughn stepped in for the first film of the reboot trilogy, X-Men: First Class, with Singer taking over once again for Days of Future Past and this latest entry.

With two timelines weaving between a myriad of famous faces, it’s only fair to point out the physical discrepancies between James McAvoy’s boyish looks and his character that has “10 more years until they look like Patrick Stewart.” He’s not alone, as Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique and Nicholas Hoult’s Hank McCoy “haven’t aged a day in 21 years.”

Despite each film making oodles in the box office and calling for spin-off after spin-off (we’re looking at you, every Wolverine movie), it seems that the film universe’s original creator has lost sight of the origins. “Forget everything you know about X-Men from the comics, animated series or the previous movies because so did Bryan Singer,” jokes the video. Apart from nonsensical time jumps, the film’s retread of plot points is hard to miss. “Another Wolverine origin, another Quicksilver sequence and another aborted Dark Phoenix saga,” are all present in this latest trilogy.

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Honest Trailers rounds its commentary out with a wonderful Friends tie-in. It wouldn’t be X-Men without opposing leaders Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr, the on-again, off-again “frenemies” that the narrator expertly labels as the “Ross and Rachel” of the superhero world.

While Singer is not continuing his work in the franchise for the foreseeable future, the next entry in the Wolverine mythos, Logan, has been creating quite a buzz around the possibility of an “Old Man Logan” storyline.

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