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If the horrifying images of Barb’s insides oozing out in the Upside Down didn’t convince you that she’s dead on Stranger Things, David Harbour is here to set the record straight.

The actor, who plays the lovable Chief Jim Hopper on the Netflix hit, gave Jimmy Fallon the 411 on Barb when he stopped by The Tonight Show on Monday. After making a few grunting noises, Harbour aired his frustration with the massive concern over Barb’s future.

“The internet rage over Barb, like who knew? [Actress] Shannon [Purser] is amazing, but the character’s in like two episodes, barely,” he said. “And the internet rage at Chief Hopper over not caring about Barb, I’m sorry. I have a little boy I have to safe!”

Then Harbour echoed the message Stranger Things creators the Duffer Brothers had for EW about season 2, saying, “There will be justice for Barb.”


Fallon was disappointed, prompting Harbour to point out, “C’mon, there was a slug, and the whole… no.”

Hear Harbour discuss Barb’s fate in the video below.

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