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Donald Trump thinks it would be a shame if he lost the election due to graphic remarks he made about women in a 2005 tape that surfaced last week.

During an interview with Bill O’Reilly Tuesday evening — Trump’s first interview since his debate with Hillary Clinton on Sunday — the Republican presidential nominee once again dismissed his comments in the recording as “locker room talk.”

“First of all, locker room talk, and most people have heard it before, and I’ve had a lot of women come up to me and say, ‘Boy I’ve heard that, and I’ve heard a lot worse than that over my life,'” Trump said. “If that’s what’s going to take to lose an election, that would be pretty sad. Then I have to go back to my other life.”

The 2005 recordings feature Trump and then-Access Hollywood host Billy Bush commenting about women on a hot mic. The then-Apprentice host said, “When you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the p—y. You can do anything.” On Tuesday, Trump brushed off O’Reilly, who noted that the Republican candidate is winning with men but not with women. “I’m not sure I believe it,” Trump said. O’Reilly responded, “That’s what the polling says.”

“What women want is — we do the childcare program that [my daughter] Ivanka [Trump] wanted very, very much, I agreed with her 100 percent,” Trump said. “What women want is secure borders, they want safety, they want law and order, they want a police department that’s allowed to do its job, they want justice for all. They want a lot of things that everybody else wants.”

Trump also responded to criticism that he was lurking behind Clinton during Sunday’s town hall debate. He claimed he never invaded her space: “I was at my lectern, and all of a sudden she walks right over to me, stands right in front of me, and the next day I read I was in her space. … She came into my territory.”

O’Reilly later asked Trump if the press, which the Republican nominee said was “an extension of Hillary Clinton,” coordinated its attacks on him and his character. “Yeah, I do think so,” Trump said. “Before I ran, I used to get great press. … Now I could be on the front page of The New York Times in three different stories, and every one of them could be a hit job.”

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