The late-night host is head over heels for America's favorite undecided voter
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Ken Bone’s breakout performance at Sunday night’s presidential debate has scored him internet fame, an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and now, Chelsea Handler wanting to have his kids.

On Tuesday, the late-night host confessed her love for America’s new favorite undecided voter. “At this past debate, while everyone was trying to figure out who they want to be their president for the next four years, I figured out who I want to be my lover for the next 40 years,” shared Handler. “I’m talking about this little cherry tomato.”

Sunday night’s debate was a town-hall format, and Bone was one of the undecided voters who got a chance to ask a question of the candidates. Whether it was his insightful question, interesting name, or his bright red sweater, Handler is smitten.

“Mr. Bone, you may be undecided in this election, but I know what I want,” she said. “I can already hear the little pitter-patter of little Boners running around our Bel-Air mansion. Like a lot of new relationships, the initial attraction was shallow and 100 percent physical. But then I got to know you a little bit better.”

Then, footage played of Bone’s interview on CNN, where he shared that wearing his bright red sweater wasn’t his Plan A. The now famous sweater was the back-up plan, because on the morning of the debate, Bone said that he ripped the pants of his olive green suit.

“Don’t sell yourself short Boner, that sweater may have been Plan B, but you are my Plan A,” she joked. “And yes, I will be taking his name. I would like to be know as Chelsea Bone-Handler.”

Watch the video below.

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