By Clark Collis
October 11, 2016 at 05:54 PM EDT

In the new, intense supernatural thriller The Autopsy of Jane Doe, Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch play father-and-son morticians tasked with conducting an autopsy on the body of a naked “Jane Doe” found, partially buried, at the scene of a massacre. The problem? “Jane” does not seem to be resting in peace. In fact, she may not be resting at all.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe is directed by André Øvredal, whose previous movie was the terrific, but very different, found footage film, Trollhunter.

“I was definitely looking for something to prove to myself, first and foremost, but also to others, that I had control,” the filmmaker says. “Because Trollhunter can sometimes feel uncontrolled, because it’s just so documentarian. This is more my natural way of making films, to use the camera very specifically, and be very methodical about everything. Brian was the first one on, and, when I heard that he liked it, it was amazing, because he was just perfect for that grounded mortician, who has to deal with supernatural stuff. He gives so much gravity to everything. And Emile was such a natural presence onscreen. They both have such an amazing instinct for what is right for the character to do. I was floored to be able to work with these people.”

The Autopsy of Jane Doe is written by Ian Goldberg and Richard Naing and costars Olwen Kelly, Michael McElhatton, and Ophelia Lovibond. It debuts Dec. 21.

See an exclusive — and graphic — teaser trailer from The Autopsy of Jane Doe below.