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As much as Walking Dead fans may be hating on Negan for what he is in the middle of doing to one of the main characters, there is plenty of hate left for one of the big bad’s lieutenants — Dwight. After all, the dude stole Daryl’s motorcycle, stole Daryl’s crossbow, shot Daryl, and appears in season 7 promo footage to have stolen Daryl’s jacket. WHAT DOES THIS GUY HAVE AGAINST DARYL DIXON?!?

Obviously, there is a lot left to unpack with this character, and that unpacking will begin when season 7 premieres on Oct. 23. We spoke to showrunner Scott M. Gimple to get the scoop on Dwight and the place where he and the Saviors call home sweet home.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: We’ve already talked about one of your big new locations this season with the Kingdom, but what can you say about the Saviors stronghold, also known as the Sanctuary?

SCOTT M. GIMPLE: The Sanctuary is a major location for our story moving ahead. It’s a pretty epic location. It is one of the locations that took a great deal of planning and our team did an amazing job with it. It’s a very big piece of real estate and it’s a very big set and there are aspects that involve Walkers and just involve scale and a lot of different textures in there. It really is something else and people will see what they saw in the comic and then some.

There’s obviously a lot of focus on Negan right now, but what about Dwight? We know from the comic what that whole thing on his face is about. Will we get an answer to that soon here as well? And what else are we going to see from Dwight this season?

Dwight has a very big story this season, as he did in the book. Dwight is a character that was trying to escape Negan and now he is one of Negan’s most trusted lieutenants. That says a lot about that character. And he became one of his most trusted lieutenants after his face was burned. That makes for a very interesting character, a very conflicted character.


Is there still goodness in him somewhere?

It gets very complicated with him. He was an idealist and his idealism is what led to the great, great bitterness that you have now, which drives him to do some awful things. It’s complicated.

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