By Chancellor Agard
Updated October 10, 2016 at 04:54 PM EDT
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The Strain may be ending, but that doesn’t mean Guillermo del Toro is done with television.

On Monday morning, Netflix released the long awaited first trailer for the Pacific Rim director’s new animinated saga Trollhunters, a children’s series about a group of friends who discover a secret world that’s hidden underground and populated by trolls. When Jim (Anton Yelchin) is transformed into the Trollhunter, defender of the good trolls, after stumbling upon a magical amulet, he and his friends are drawn into a centuries-old war between the good trolls and the bad trolls.

“Jim, you are now responsible for the protection of two worlds, human and troll alike,” says the wise four-armed troll Blinky (Kelsey Grammer) in the trailer. “But if you do not protect us, Bular and his army will destroy your world.”

While fighting alongside Blinky and his best friend Toby (Charlie Saxton), Jim will also have to juggle play rehearsal and homework. “I wanted that juxtaposition that Jim could be bad at gym class but fantastic at fighting in the troll arena,” del Toro recently told EW.

Watch the exciting new trailer above.

Trollhunters, which debuts Dec. 23, also features the voices Ron Perlman, Jonathan Hyde, Lexi Medrano, Amy Landecker, Fred Tatasciore, and Steve Yeun. For more on the new series, check out our interview below:


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