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October 10, 2016 at 10:32 PM EDT
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Walter and Paige finally said “I love you to each other” in Monday night’s episode, although it wasn’t the most ideal circumstance.

Walter (Elyes Gabel), trapped in a rocket heading for space, starts hallucinating a conversation with Paige (Katharine McPhee). Then, he starts talking to the real Paige, who gets on the microphone to shake him out of his reverie and make him do what he needs to do to save himself. At one point, Walter confesses his love to her, and she responds. Unfortunately, it seems as though Walter doesn’t (consciously) remember any of this.

“Although it’s fantasy when Paige is down on Earth speaking to Walter, there are real feelings and real, truthful things coming out, even though he’s hallucinating essentially,” Katharine McPhee tells EW. “It’s heartbreaking more than it is satisfying because there’s this sort of aspect of their relationship that, at least this far, feels like it can never be,”

“From Paige’s perspective, she gets to know that she really feels this way about him, but also she’s smart, and she knows that he’s not in a place to love her in the way that she needs him to,” she says. “She’s moving on with her life.”

While it seems Walter doesn’t remember their conversation, there are hints that it’s starting to come back to him subconsciously. At the end of the episode, he makes a reference to baked Alaska, which he mentioned during his conversation with Paige.

“Deep in the unconscious, he’s remembered, and there’s a little acorn placed in there,” says Gabel. “I think over the next few episodes, you’ll see his understanding of what Paige’s interests are make him subconsciously much more of a normal person, by our [society’s standard].”

This is what ultimately leads to Walter’s inventions for normal people, like The U-Dog. Walter hopes these gadgets will endear himself to Paige, but that definitely won’t be the case. “I think she’s less than impressed,” says McPhee. “I think everyone seems to think they’re kind of stupid inventions.”

Looking ahead, Paige will continue to pursue a relationship with Tim Armstrong (Scott Porter). “I’m excited for Walter and Tim to sort of befriend each other,” says McPhee. However, it won’t be completely smooth sailing. Gabel promises you’ll see “a lot of the conflict” between Walter and Tim when Team Scorpion travels to Ireland again this season.

Then, come Thanksgiving, we’ll meet Paige’s mother Veronica Dineen (Lea Thompson), whom Paige hasn’t seen in 10 years since she’s been in prison. “It’s a volatile relationship,” teases McPhee. “Paige gets irritated by the fact that the team wants to be involved.”

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