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October 10, 2016 at 05:51 PM EDT

Dust off those tennis whites, cue Tears for Fears’ “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” and fire up the way-back machine.

The second season of Amazon’s sweet nostalgia trip to suburban 1980s New Jersey picks up an ocean away from the titular country club — in Paris, where the deadpan-cute David (Craig Roberts) flies to reunite with his crush Skye (Alexandra Socha). “This season is about them seemingly becoming a dream couple,” co-creator Greg Jacobs tells EW, “but then once they come back to Red Oaks and the real world, things start to slowly come apart.”

There will be relationship interference from both David’s parents (Richard Kind and Jennifer Grey), whose marriage has broken up, and Skye’s (Paul Reiser and Gina Gershon). All four of them can be seen in this exclusive new trailer for the series’ second season, along with other returning characters, including lifeguard Misty (Alexandra Turshen), valet Wheeler (Oliver Cooper), and tennis pro Nash (Ennis Esmer). At the end of the trailer, check out a glimpse of one of the season 2 newcomers, humorist John Hodgman.

And there will be plenty of Caddyshack-ish hijinks, including a ribald trip to Atlantic City. Though don’t expect an echo of last season’s outré “Body Swap” episode, in which the elfin Roberts and the perpetually slouched Kind did just that. “I loved that one,” Roberts tells EW, “but I had a pretty intense bad back for a week.”

Season 2 of Red Oaks launches on Amazon on Nov. 11.

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