Jurassic World really needs to work on its security, if the animated short LEGO Jurassic World: The Indominus Escape is any judge.

As seen in the full video — which was originally released in five parts — the big screen, live-action movie wasn’t the first time the Indominus rex got free. Rather, it’s a trick the ultimate dinosaur keeps pulling off.

The film centers on Jurassic World founder Simon Masrani, who must enlist the help of his employee Claire, after he accidentally destroys one of the main attractions. The duo also calls upon Dr. Wu, who helped them create the Indominus rex. But when the dino starts acting out, only dino trainer Owen Grady can help save the day.

You can watch all five installments of the 24-minute short, below.

Jurassic World

2015 movie

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