By Ariana Bacle
October 09, 2016 at 02:03 PM EDT

The first season of Netflix’s Stranger Things left fans with plenty of unsolved mysteries, including: Where the hell is Lucas Sinclair’s family? But a sketch on the most recent Saturday Night Live answered that question with the help of Leslie Jones and Kenan Thompson, who played Lucas’ — portrayed here by Sasheer Zamata — suspicious parents.

Turns out that Mr. and Mrs. Sinclair have been looking for their son for days, and so they aren’t exactly sympathetic when he describes what he’s been up to. “We have to find the Upside-Down!” he explains. “It’s like the normal world but it’s scarier and there’s danger at every turn.” “Baby, people who look like us,” his mom snaps back, “already live in the Upside-Down.”

Because a Stranger Things parody wouldn’t be complete without Eleven, Kate McKinnon then shows up to channel the eerie youngster — bloody nose and all. She uses her powers to freeze Mr. Sinclair, but that’s not what scares him: It’s the police chief.

“Oh no, a monster!” Mr. Sinclair screams when the cop arrives on the scene, as both he and Mrs. Sinclair put their hands up — a pointed reference to police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement.

See the full sketch below, and check back later for our recap of the full episode, hosted by Lin-Manuel Miranda.