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The latest trailer for the fantasy epic The Great Wall reveals Matt Damon’s origins and the union of cultures to bring down a terrible army.

Filmmaker Zhang Yimou’s (House of Flying Daggers) upcoming film takes place thousands of years ago, with the world’s most iconic structure in China as the setting. In the clip, a mysterious warrior (Damon) and his companion (Pedro Pascal) travel over 1,000 miles to the Great Wall in search of a weapon that will render any army useless, but their arrival comes hand-in-hand with an attack from a fearsome drove of creatures.

Attempting to join the ranks of the defending army (lead by Jing Tian, Lu Han and Andy Lau), Damon’s character must prove his worthiness through a set of trials. Yimou’s iconic visual style is on full display, with high-flying action and glorious color to accent it all.

See the new action-packed trailer, which debuted Saturday in conjunction with the film’s panel at New York Comic Con, above.

The Great Wall underwent recent controversy after the first official trailer dropped, with Hollywood star Constance Wu calling out the film as a “whitewash” job. Yimou spoke with EW in August explaining that, while Damon is a known white actor, his character is not of Chinese descent, and his role in the film would be explained in time. He says the film follows the deep roots of Chinese culture, and assured the movie is not about the construction of iconic structure.

The Great Wall opens in theaters February 2017.

The Great Wall
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