By Evan Slead
Updated October 08, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT

Danny DeVito has had his fair share of interesting costars, but a confused monkey seems to be his most feared.

The Matilda actor stopped by The Graham Norton Show Friday to share a few on-set stories during his time filming 1992’s Batman Returns. Taking on the role of the iconic villain Penguin, DeVito was also up against Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman and Michael Keaton as Batman, but its his monkey costar who he found the most menacing.

During the first rehearsal for a scene in which a monkey brings the actor a note, DeVito noted that it all went smoothly, with director Tim Burton seeming pleased wit the results. However, during the next run-through, the actor added a cosmetic piece to his character that changed things up. “I put this mouthwash, kind of black and dark green mouthwash in my mouth, so that when I talked the Penguin stuff would ooze out and drip down,” explained DeVito.

“The monkey comes down, takes one look at me, and leaps at my balls,” he said. “Swear to God it was horrifying.”

Thankfully, the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia actor escaped the attack without any harm. “We took off the suit and there was a huge chunk taken out of it,” he said. “So we did it again.” Braving the scene once more, the moment — sans another monkey bite — did make it into final cut.

Watch the full story in the clip above.

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