Twisted thriller The Girl on the Train opens in theaters Oct. 7, and fans of the novel that spurred the film adaption starring Emily Blunt will be pleased to see some of the book’s best scenes play out on screen.

Before taking in the film, get a refresh on the most popular passages from Paula Hawkins’ best selling novel. See the top Kindle Highlights from Amazon below.

  • “Hollowness: that I understand. I’m starting to believe that there isn’t anything you can do to fix it. That’s what I’ve taken from the therapy sessions: the holes in your life are permanent. You have to grow around them, like tree roots around concrete; you mould yourself through the gaps.”
  • “I have never understood how people can blithely disregard the damage they do by following their hearts. Who was it said that following your heart is a good thing? It is pure egotism, a selfishness to conquer all.”
  • “I don’t know. I don’t know where that strength went, I don’t remember losing it. I think that over time it got chipped away, bit by bit, by life, by the living of it.”
  • “He never understood that it’s possible to miss what you’ve never had, to mourn for it.”
  • “Life is not a paragraph, and death is no parenthesis.”
  • “The sense of shame I feel about an incident is proportionate not just to the gravity of the situation, but also to the number of people who witnessed it.”
  • “I am not the girl I used to be. I am no longer desirable, I’m off-putting in some way. It’s not just that I’ve put on weight, or that my face is puffy from the drinking and the lack of sleep; it’s as if people can see the damage written all over me, can see it in my face, the way I hold myself, the way I move.”
  • “I have lost control over everything, even the places in my head.”
  • “Beautiful sunshine, cloudless skies, no one to play with, nothing to do. Living like this, the way I’m living at the moment, is harder in the summer when there is so much daylight, so little cover of darkness, when everyone is out and about, being flagrantly, aggressively happy. It’s exhausting, and it makes you feel bad if you’re not joining in.”
  • “There’s something comforting about the sight of strangers safe at home.”
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