This story follows 'The Book of Noodle'
Credit: @gorillaz via Twitter

On Monday, Gorillaz shared The Book of Noodle, a digital story narrating the time that the cartoon band’s guitarist, Noodle, opened up a pearl and accidentally set loose a shape-shifting demon that was “ready to party like it’s 1499.”

Now the band has another short story for fans to enjoy (circumcision jokes and all) and this one has a protagonist named after Russel, the group’s drummer.

The short story begins with Russel growing 60 times in size while swimming to Plastic Beach, Noodle riding on his back. Along the way, a few fishermen mistake him for a whale and attempt to harpoon him. He gets away, but loses Noodle in the process and is soon captured in Pyangyang after being falsely identified as “Pulgasari,” the North Korean Godzilla. Russel spends some time on display in a glass bottle before he shrinks back to his normal size and is released upon the government’s realization that he is a real man.

Read the full story below.

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