By Christian Holub
October 07, 2016 at 11:52 AM EDT

When Emily Blunt was filming The Girl on the Train, her costar Justin Theroux would often send her fun videos with acting tips, occasionally to cheer her up after a particularly tough day of filming. After Blunt explained this to Stephen Colbert on Thursday night, the Late Show host immediately asked her for some acting tips of his own. Mostly, Colbert wanted help with a line he says multiple times every night: “Stick around — we’ve got a great show.”

“I feel like you’ve got to add a little bit of gravitas to it, so maybe just try something where you feel a bit injured and a bit defensive,” Blunt advised. “Let’s see what that might look like.”

Colbert tried it that way, but didn’t get much audience reaction. Once Blunt’s interpretation was greeted by cheers, it sent off an escalating contest between the two to say the line with more and more emotion. They ended up getting out of their seats screaming it at each other from across the stage, even leaving the theater before meeting back up back on stage and declaring it for real this time (“stick around, we’ve got a great show”) in time for a cut to commercial.

Watch the video below.

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