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Each week, following her live Q&A with the houseguests and with the evicted guest, Big Brother host Julie Chen will answer a few questions just for EW about the latest events in the house. Here, she talks about week 1, including how Over the Top differs from a regular season and why America targeted Cornbread, the first evictee.

Why do you think America chose Cornbread as their first nominee of the season?

I think targeting Jason and volunteering to, and then actually giving Jason the virus, was his fatal flaw. People like Jason. They didn’t even get to know Cornbread yet so once he did that I think his fate was sealed.

In your eviction interview with him, Cornbread said he “wasn’t built for this game” but then later said he was the “strongest player that was on the block.” What did you make of that?

I think evicted Houseguests come out of the house completely confused. On one hand they are trying to figure out what they did wrong, on the other hand they are trying to save face and say they did nothing wrong and they have no regrets. So his double talk was not to be unexpected. Also, I think he was reeling from America not liking him. That’s gotta hurt. At the end of the day, we all want to be liked.

How do you see the houseguests playing the game differently knowing the influence America has?

The bigger difference I see is that these houseguests are way more comfortable talking to me live on the internet than other houseguests have been when we do it live on broadcast TV with a live audience. As a group they felt more honest and real with their answers — more candid. It’s almost as if they are so used to knowing they are being watched by live feeders all the time, and me suddenly popping up on their living room monitor didn’t seem so pressure-filled, like it is on the broadcast version.

And who do you think is the biggest threat in the house right now?

Too early to say.

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