'I don't want no big, fat, ugly baby. I want a baby on fleek,' says Trump

By Derek Lawrence
Updated October 07, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT

If you didn’t think last month’s first presidential debate produced enough outrageous statements, then you’re in luck, because Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and moderator Lester Holt have officially received the Bad Lip Reading treatment.

While dubbing is used to make it look like the candidates are saying ridiculous things, it’s often hard to discern whether some of the statements actually were made, such as when Trump proclaims to Clinton, “I don’t like how you look, I don’t like your name, I don’t like your anything.”

The short video has Holt playing a few rapid-fire games with the political rivals, including “Five Favorites,” where Trump shares his love of William Shatner, raw chicken, and lice.

Adding in fake audio wasn’t the only way to have fun with the debate; the candidates’ physical mannerisms made for a few laughs as well. Holt, who ended things early to get to a dentist appointment, asked Clinton to act as if her face muscles had frozen in the middle of laughing, which perfectly matched up with the video.

Watch the latest edition of Bad Lip Reading and the many laughs that come with it above.