But he's not *really* upset

By Christina Ciammaichelli
Updated October 07, 2016 at 03:38 PM EDT

Ashton Kutcher found out with the rest of the world that his former That ’70s Show costar Laura Prepon was engaged to actor Ben Foster. But that doesn’t make him happy.

On Friday’s episode of Live with Kelly!, Kutcher — who was filling in as cohost alongside Kelly Ripa — playfully chided Prepon for not spilling the beans to him beforehand.

“She just announced this engagement, and I had to find out in the news! And she’s my friend!” Kutcher said before Prepon came out.

“And it’s not just a random engagement,” Kutcher went on to say. “It’s an engagement to another friend of mine! So I’m double upset that neither of them told me!” Kutcher said he and Foster had been friends as well for nearly 20 years.

When Prepon eventually walked out, Kutcher said, “I love you [but] I am so pissed at you. This is unacceptable. This kind of thing is unacceptable.” He added that while he was sympathetic to the privacy concerns for celebrities around relationships, that shouldn’t extend to friends.

Check out the adorable reunion in the video below.