By Allison Sadlier
October 07, 2016 at 07:43 PM EDT
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The Affair is back and the drama is far from over.

On Friday, Showtime debuted the first trailer ahead of the third season of the Golden Globe-winning series. The drama kicks off with Helen and Whitney arguing over Noah.

“I know you think you know everything, but you don’t. He made some mistakes,” Helen (Maura Tierney) tells her opinionated daughter Whitney (Julia Goldani Telles), but not before Whitney fires back. “Mistakes, Mom?” she says. “He’s murderer.”

Oh how little you know, Whitney. “Just because he was convicted doesn’t mean he’s guilty,” says Helen, aware of what really happened in the shocking season two finale.

Meanwhile, things aren’t going so well for Noah in prison when Helen visits and sees her ex looking pretty beat up. She doesn’t believe his excuse that he “slipped in the lunch line.” (Neither are we.)

The trailer also offers glimpses into the three-year time jump and shows that Cole’s (Joshua Jackson) new wife is not a fan of his ex, played by Ruth Wilson. “Alison gets to show up again after running away and takes everything back, including you,” Luisa (Catalina Sandino Moreno) tells him.

Things aren’t looking too rosey between Alison and Cole either. Are there are hints of a potential custody battle on the horizon? “She’s my daughter. You can’t keep her from me,” she tells Cole and Luisa. “Actually, we can,” he calmly replies. (Did Cole find out he’s Joanie’s father?!)

And if the trailer did not give viewers enough to unpack, we’re treated to a glimpse at the newest perspective in the show and Noah’s new love interest, Irène Jacob as Juliette Le Gall. Cole wraps the trailer up with a death threat directed at an unknown man (Noah?). “You tell him that if he ever sets so much as a foot in this town,” he says, “I will kill him.”

Watch the trailer below. The Affair returns to Showtime Nov. 20 at 10 p.m ET.

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Two marriages collide when a tragedy brings an affair to light; the Showtime original series stars Joshua Jackson and Maura Tierney.
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