By Clark Collis
Updated October 06, 2016 at 08:10 PM EDT

As you might expect from the gentlemen behind the creepy audio series Tales From Beyond the Pale, Larry Fessenden and Glenn McQuaid know their horror movie onions. This time last year, Fessenden recommended readers watch the harrowing Austrian movie Angst over Halloween, and McQuaid has picked a similarly deep cut for this spook-tacular season: 1972’s psychological thriller, The Other.

“There’s an effortlessness to the filmmaking and performances of Robert Mulligan’s The Other that belies the true nature of the film,” says McQuaid, whose other ghoulish credits include directing the 2009 grave-robbing tale, I Sell the Dead. “On the one hand, twin brothers Niles and Holland are simply whiling away the endless summer days by getting up to no good. On the other — spiritualism, grief, murder, and a menace from beyond the grave are at the very center of their world. Shown mostly through the perspective of the boys during the long hot summer of 1935, if there’s a childhood nostalgia at play here it’s only so Mulligan can pull the rug from under it, and expose the darker aspects of youth. These boys are innocents on the brink of pure evil, and I’m reminded of a line from Jack Clayton’s The Innocents: ‘Oh, look, it’s a lovely spider and it’s eating a butterfly.’ It’s a beautiful and shocking film that more than holds up on repeated viewing.”

McQuaid and Fessenden will be scaring up a story as part of 44 Charlton: A Variety Show, 7 p.m., Oct. 7, The Green Space, New York. You can also now buy tickets to a live Tales From Beyond the Pale event at New York’s Walter Reade Theater, Oct. 20, which will feature two new yarns, written especially for the occasion. The fourth season of Tales From Beyond the Pale will be released in time for Christmas.

You can see the trailer for The Other, below.