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Each week, Jeff Probst will answer a few questions about the latest episode of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You have done a few of these summit-type meetings before where you have a few people from each tribe come together for some food or what have you, but they don’t happen all too often. What made you want to do it here and what did you make of the interactions that took place?

JEFF PROBST: The reason we wanted to do it was because of the dramatic difference between the two tribes and how they approach life and the game. Instead of switching tribes early, we decided to keep them as tribes but use this as an opportunity to let them get to know each other a little bit. The hope was that a new bond would be formed with at least one person from each tribe, just to add some complexity to the game. It also offers a chance for one tribe to accidentally give up too much info, or intentionally give up false info, etc.

I was happy to see David see it as an opportunity. I have stopped being surprised at how many opportunities are passed by in this game simply because people aren’t willing to consider other possibilities. So often in this game people get “locked in” to their idea of the perfect alliance or the perfect way to play the game and they miss golden opportunities.

The Millennials won the challenge and then asked to get fishing gear instead of the comfort items. You said you were open to it but only if the Gen Xers agreed or wanted to alter the terms of the deal. Do you think the Gen Xers made the right call in vetoing that trade? And what would you have done in that situation if you had been a member of the Gen X tribe?

I definitely think Gen X made the right call. When you get your opponent down in a game like Suvivor, you need to put your foot on their chest to ensure they stay down. Personally, had I been a member of the Gen X tribe I might have made a calculated “one beat too late” offer of “I’m okay with it…” hoping they might hear me and think I was a nice person. But back at camp I would have feigned a huge sigh of relief that nobody else volunteered to let them have it, because in hindsight it was a terrible idea. I would have tailed off with something about “I just know we are going to continue to destroy them and for a moment I think I felt bad for them….

But I loved that the Millennials asked. The Gen X tribe would never have asked. They have too much pride. The Millennials figured, what is there to lose? What if he says yes?! I also liked the moment because it really does keep the game unpredictable. I had no idea they were going to ask and it did catch me a bit off guard, but I always go back to the idea that whenever possible we let them make the rules, so had Gen X been okay with it, I would have been okay with it.

Another presumed tribe leader bites the dust early in the game. We’ve seen it so many times before. What was Paul’s ultimate downfall in the game?

Paul was his own worst enemy. I loved Paul and I’m so glad he was on the show. But his Achilles heel is the same one that ails so many of us, including me — we often don’t see how our behavior impacts others. He had no idea that he was coming across as bossy. No idea that when he told Jessica that he’d let her know if the guys turned on her, that he sealed his fate.

He really didn’t understand the impact those words had on Jessica. Being a leader is one thing, but being a bossy leader is another. Paul is a natural leader in his personal life — he’s the lead singer in a band, he has his own company. The dude gets it done. But this is unlike real life in one really big way…. only one person wins and that means everybody has a target on their back. Paul’s a good sport and I hope he had a fun time!

What can you tell us about next week, besides you almost wiping out courtesy of a monster wave?

What do you mean besides that… that was one of the most epic moments of my career! Those waves were insane! It’s a really fun episode with a very emotional idol find. How’s that?

Check out an exclusive deleted scene from the most recent episode of Survivor above. Also make sure to read Dalton’s full episode recap. And for more Survivor scoop, follow Dalton on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

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