By Chancellor Agard
October 06, 2016 at 03:40 PM EDT

Seth Meyers has spent the better part of the last year criticizing Donald Trump. But Meyers praised Trump on Wednesday night — but as a way to get under the candidate’s skin.

After Monday night’s vice presidential debate, many pundits declared Trump’s running mate Mike Pence winner when it came to style, and said he performed better than Trump in last week’s presidential debate. That reportedly didn’t sit well with Trump, and played into that narrative, “complimenting” Trump on his decision to pick the Indiana governor as his running mate.

“Your boy Mike Pence is great on TV,” Meyers said. “What a great debater! He is nothing like you. He was calm and polite, and has regular sized hands. I mean, he never got all red and sweaty. He should coach you.”

Meyers continued: “But seriously, what a great night for the Pence/Trump ticket — sorry, Trump/Pence. Why am I doing that? It’s probably because he seems so presidential. By the way is he younger than you? I’d watch your back around Melania [Trump]. Anyway, great pick. You nailed it bro.”

Watch Meyer’s entire deep dive into the vice presidential debate below.

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