Credit: ABC

Jimmy Kimmel’s feud with Matt Damon came in handy during Wednesday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, as the actor was available to put guest Idina Menzel at ease.

As Menzel explained, she had a long-time crush on Damon, and always dreamed that he would come backstage during her run as costar of the musical Wicked.

After a near-miss encounter with Damon during a London performance — Damon had scored tickets for his mother and father — Menzel said Damon finally came to see the hit show with his family. The only problem? He looked miserable.

“Finally he came, and he came backstage and I got the green makeup off. He looked like he hated Wicked,” Menzel told Kimmel. “He just seemed so bored by it.”

But just another amusing talk-show anecdote turned into something bigger when Kimmel revealed he had Damon sitting “backstage.”

“I loved Wicked,” Damon said to surprised Menzel. “And I loved Idina in it.”

Menzel wondered why he looked so unhappy after the performance, but Damon said he was not presenting as bored. “I was so moved,” he said, before Kimmel cut him off and resigned Damon to another night of not making it the show.

Watch below.