Credit: Comedy Central

Lewis Black brought his Back in Black segment back to The Daily Show on Wednesday to provide a wake-up call to millennial voters who are maybe thinking of sitting out the presidential election next month.

“Well the election is only a month away, and with the fate of the world at stake, I’ve been going to church a lot to pray that a meteor will hit the Earth and kill us all. Why? Because I’ve got no faith in you people,” Black began. “In 2012, only 55 percent of the electorate went to the polls. More Americans saw Taken 2 that year, and the whole plot is right there in the title. Someone gets taken… again!”

“But this year with a decorative hate squash just steps from the White House, I thought surely more people would go out and vote,” he added.

Following clips from news reports about people who aren’t interested going to the polls on Nov. 8, Black cited the many, many celebrity videos urging viewers to vote. “What’s it going to take to get you people to vote. We’ve got A-list celebrities going down on you,” he said, before citing Joss Whedon’s all-star Save the Day video.

“That’s not enough? Or does the Rock need to personally give you a piggyback to the polls,” he joked.

Black closed the segment with a plea: “Come on, millennials, I know we f—ed things up for you. But we were counting on you to fix things, not finish the job.”