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One of the joys of Starz’s Ash vs Evil Dead is all the little nods and Easter eggs to the original Evil Dead movies. But in terms of characters to make the leap from the big to the small screen, it’s just pretty much the titular Ash, as played by star Bruce Campbell. (Well, him and his trusty Delta Oldsmobile, that is.)

However, according to Campbell, that may be about to change. There are some very mild spoilers coming up, so look away now if you do not want to know. All clear now? Okay, let’s proceed.

In this coming Ash vs Evil Dead episode on Sunday night (8 p.m. on Starz) we take another trip to Ash’s childhood home, and in doing so, Ash glances over to a door affixed with a sign that says “Cheryl’s Room.” It’s just a brief shot of the door, nothing more really, but it got me wondering: Could Cheryl, played by Ellen Sandweiss in the original Evil Dead, be making an appearance soon on the Starz horror-comedy?

In case you need a refresher, Cheryl was the very first person in the cabin to get possessed and turn into a Deadite. She was raped by a tree, and then Ash shot her multiple times before finally getting her body to completely decompose after he tossed the Necronomicon into the fire. So there was that.

But could she come back? When Campbell stopped by Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM, channel 105), he strongly suggested that we will be seeing some familiar faces soon enough. “I would say to you, my friend, that this season there are two or three ‘holy crap’ moments,” says Campbell. “And they may involve characters from a bygone era. And they may involve actual actors of bygone eras. And this may happen more than once. Because we’re very aware of fans. We think stuff is cool too. It’s not just them. We’ll go, ‘Oh, wouldn’t it be cool if you could bring so-and-so back in this scenario?’ And they’ve been very fruitful bringing those characters back, if we were to have done that in the upcoming season. It works for the story, it works for the show, it’s a good nostalgic couple of moments. So I don’t know. If you watch it, I guess you’ll find out.”

Oh, we’ll be watching — especially now to see if some dude in overalls once again starts yelling “BOBBY JOOOOOOOOOOE!” at the top of his lungs. While we had Campbell, we also asked about the possibility of Ash and Jane Levy’s Mia from the 2013 Evil Dead remake possibly collaborating in a crossover event — something remake director Fede Alvarez once broached as a possibility.

“As absurd as that statement out of your mouth is, never say never,” replied Campbell. “We’ve learned that now. We didn’t think we’d be her making a TV show 25 years after the last Evil Dead movie. I mean, that should have been a forgone conclusion — that franchise is dead. Didn’t happen. As you know, success begats success, so if the show stays on the air for a few years, they’re gonna go, ‘Okay , time for a movie.’… So you make a movie, and maybe you do make it a crossover. And I think that was very foreign to Sam Raimi at one point, but I think he sees the universe — it’s bigger now. You center it with Ash and you can do whatever. And Jane Levy is just great too on top of it. She a very talented actress. So I would kind of love to see the old gummer and the new ass kicker come together. So it’s not a terrible idea.”

No, not terrible in the least. But guess what? There is more from Bruce Campbell! So much more. You can hear the entire interview below on the EW Morning Live podcast along with our chats with Neil deGrasse Tyson and Luke Cage’s Mike Colter — also known as The Most Awesome Podcast Lineup Ever! Just click on the podcast below to listen, or subscribe for free on iTunes and take it on the go with you right here. And for more EW Morning Live podcast updates, follow @EWMLPodcast.

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