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Marvel’s Luke Cage is the latest Netflix series to feature a future member of The Defenders. Though the series comes out next year, there’s nothing stopping them from having an impromptu meeting.

Mike Colter fielded fan questions during a Wednesday Facebook Live session. During the Q&A, Colter was joined by Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones), Charlie Cox (Daredevil), and Finn Jones (Iron Fist), as well as writer Jeph Loeb (Freeform’s Cloak & Dagger).

Ritter popped in first, video-calling in from the back of a car. When asked what surprised her most about seeing Jones’ romantic interest Cage in his own world, Ritter cut Colter — in his words — deep. “I didn’t realize he was quite as slutty, I guess,” she said. “But then I thought about it, and I was like, ‘Oh right, Luke Cage goes home with a different woman from the bar every night.'”

She then provided earnest praise for her costar: “You’re so awesome, you’re such a badass. I love watching you do all that cool s—, but also even more than that, I like watching you do the more emotional stuff. I cried like three times during the show already, and I’m only on episode 10.”

Meanwhile, Cox hasn’t seen any of Luke Cage yet but has a good reason: He recently became a father. Colter told Cox that Daredevil, Netflix’s first Marvel series, gave him confidence in Jessica Jones.


See Colter’s full Q&A below. Luke Cage‘s first season is on Netflix now. The Defenders is due next year.

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