The new series will be available to stream on Monday
Credit: Hulu


If high school wasn’t scary enough already, imagine trying to survive hallways filled with predatory mutants. That’s frightful prospect facing a group of students in the trailer for Hulu’s upcoming series, Freakish.

In a new trailer for the series, which hails from teen-centric AwesomenessTV, a meltdown at the local chemical plant has given birth to predatory mutant freaks, forcing the teens to hide out in their local high school. Luckily for them, the one adult on hand happens to have experience with zombies. “We are going to be safe no matter what happens; we can last for weeks in here if we have to,” says Chad L. Coleman, who doesn’t seem to be using any of the tricks he picked up on The Walking Dead.

While Coleman is a veteran actor, much of the cast is made up of high-profile social media personalities, including Hayes Grier, Chachi Gonzales, Leo Howard, and Adam Hicks.

All 10 episodes of Freakish will be available to stream on Monday.

Watch the trailer below.

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