Credit: Everett Collection

In many ways, Bruce Campbell has become the face of horror — and not just because his chin alone is larger than most actors’ entire noggins. Campbell, of course, starred in director Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead trilogy and has now returned to the Deadite-battling role of Ash Williams in Ash vs Evil Dead, whose second season is currently screening on Starz. “I think there’s some good water cooler sequences,” says Campbell of season 2. “Like, next Monday morning, ‘Holy crap, did you see Ash do blankety-blank?’ There’s a lot of ‘Holy crap!’ moments in season 2.”

The convention favorite even has his own terror tale-themed event, Bruce Campbell’s Horror Film Festival, which recently took place in Chicago, with a lineup including new films Found Footage 3D and Beyond the Gates, as well as classics like The Monster Squad and the Campbell-starring Army of Darkness.

But what film would Campbell recommend EW readers watch this Halloween season?

“I like Roman Polanski’s The Tenant,” he says. “It messes with your mind. I feel those are the most disturbing horror films — the ones that make you think you’re going insane. It’s a particularly disturbing movie. Even though people may not like Roman Polanski, the man, his work, I think, is pretty strong. I saw it in college and it stuck with me for about four days. Most movies go in one ear and out the other. This one has a more lingering, damaging effect.”