Exclusive: Anna Kendrick calls on JT for hidden help in 'Trolls'

Credit: DreamWorks Animation
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Everything you thought you knew about Trolls is wrong — or, at least, everything you thought you knew about one Troll is wrong.

Meet Branch, the surliest resident in the happy-go-lucky civilization of forest-dwellers run by perennially upbeat Poppy in DreamWorks Animation and 20th Century Fox’s next feature, Trolls, due in theaters Nov. 4.

Justin Timberlake voices Branch, a gloomy survivalist, while Anna Kendrick lends her voice to the Trolls’ primary princess, Poppy. Typically, Branch exists on the fringe of society, but his ultra-preparedness and doomsday-prep aloofness has made him the one neighbor Poppy must turn to when a handful of Trolls are abducted by Troll-eating creatures called Bergens.

EW has an exclusive peek at one major moment in Trolls, when Poppy gets a glimpse inside Branch’s secret — and overly extensive — bunker and tries to recruit him to help her rescue the Trolls.

Trolls comes from directors Mike Mitchell and Walt Dohrn and features a voice cast that includes Zooey Deschanel, James Corden, Gwen Stefani, Russell Brand, Icona Pop, Jeffrey Tambor, GloZell, and Christine Baranski. Once more: That’s Jeffrey Tambor, GloZell, and Christine Baranski.

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  • 92 minutes
  • Mike Mitchell
  • Walt Dohrn