'The only way this could look worse is if we found out he also claimed a small hands deduction'

By Christopher Rosen
Updated October 04, 2016 at 12:18 PM EDT
Credit: Comedy Central

Trevor Noah mocked Donald Trump for the revelation that the GOP presidential candidate lost $916 million in 1995, potentially allowing him to forgo paying taxes for 18 years. “Mr. Billionaire could have paid no federal income tax at all for 18 years because he lost $916 million. Lost it,” Noah said on Monday’s episode of The Daily Show, citing the New York Times report from Saturday on Trump’s finances. “The only way this could look worse is if we found out he also claimed a small hands deduction.”

Noah noted how Trump was “probably only paying what was legally required of him,” but that the reveal was still a negative for the campaign based on Trump’s past comments.

“I know people who are making a tremendous amount of money and paying virtually no tax, and I think it’s unfair,” Trump said during one of the GOP debates in September of 2015.

“I know these people. I know these people so well, folks, because them is me,” Noah joked on Monday. The host then explained what he thought might be Trump’s end-game.

“Now, at first it seemed weird that the guy who says rich people who don’t pay taxes are a disgrace, it turns out, is also a rich guy who doesn’t pay taxes. But that was before I saw team Trump polish the turd and explain what was really going on,” Noah said, before playing footage of Trump surrogates Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie defending Trump’s tax actions as “genius.”

“What if they’re right. Think about it: Who could fix a broken system better than the guy who built his whole empire on that broken system,” Noah said. “That’s the best way to catch criminals, right? I mean police is the best way, but still in movies, you catch them with other criminals. Trump is DiCaprio in Catch Me If You Can, or Connery in The Rock.”

He added, “What if all those years he spent not paying his fair share, he did it to show us how unfair the system was.”

Noah then played footage of other things Trump has said and done during the presidential campaign, including examples of his inflammatory rhetoric about people of color and women. “All this time we thought Trump was a bad person, but really he’s a hero,” Noah said. “Trump is forcing us to examine all the things wrong with America by selflessly embodying its worst traits.”

He paused, and concluded: “It’s that or he’s a petty, attention-seeking con man, who’s temper, ignorance and narcissism will destroy us all. But either way, in 39 days, we’ll find out.”

Watch below.