October 04, 2016 at 03:47 PM EDT

Stephen Colbert did not mince words on Monday’s episode of The Late Show, calling Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump a “huge p—y” for not coming on the late-night show.

Discussing a report from the Associated Press about Trump’s alleged behavior toward women while working on The Apprentice, Colbert said, “Accusations have also surfaced this weekend that Trump sexually harassed women who worked on The Apprentice. According to some coworkers there, Trump openly discussed which female contestants he wanted to have sex with, speculating which one of them would be ‘a tiger in bed.'”

Colbert added, “Of course the truth is Trump is the one who is the real tiger in bed: he’s orange, he’s got a lot of hair, and every day he refuses to come on this show, he proves he’s a huge p—y.”

Colbert, of course, interviewed Trump in September of 2015, shortly after he took over from David Letterman as host of The Late Show. In that interview, Colbert apologized to Trump for saying mean things about the candidate in the past, and attempted to get Trump himself to issue some mea culpas. (The former reality television host declined the opportunity.)

Speaking about the interview with former New York Times writer Bill Carter on SiriusXM last week, Colbert said he didn’t regret the discussion, but rather that it was “probably the only bite I’m going to get at that apple.” 

“I would ask him, but it is clear that Donald Trump is a coward ’cause he won’t come back on the show,” Colbert added, before also calling Trump a “chicken.”

In another interview with the New York Times, Colbert said of his prior Trump chat, “I tried being gracious and pointed at the same time, and got almost nothing out of him. It was actually boring, because he wouldn’t even look me in the eye. Being nice to a guy who isn’t nice to other people, it doesn’t serve you that much.”

Watch Colbert call Trump a “p—y” below.

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