October 04, 2016 at 03:59 PM EDT

On Monday, Kit Kat teased that a version of its famous jingle featuring Chance the Rapper was imminent. Now, the chocolatiers have shared a 30-second commercial starring the Chicago MC, rebranded as Chance the Wrapper, delivering his take on the ubiquitous melody.

In the clip, Chance wanders the aisles of a convenience store in a Halloween costume before a Kit Kat bar — with his visage on its packaging — begins to sing a soul-infused version of the jingle back at him. “That’s a good song,” Chance says to onlookers after the brief cover concludes.

It’s not the first time Chance has reworked a pop culture staple: In 2014, he covered the Arthur theme song. Lately, Chance has been on a heartwarming tear, announcing a performance at the White House’s christmas tree lighting and singing “Happy Birthday” to Beyoncé. He also released his acclaimed album Coloring Book earlier this year and is now on tour.

Hear Chance’s Kit Kat jingle below.

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