The 'Criminal Minds' actor puts it all out there on Twitter

By Madeline Raynor
Updated October 04, 2016 at 08:00 PM EDT

Matthew Gray Gubler has Halloween on lock.

The Criminal Minds actor tweets about the holiday all year round, and every October, he truly goes all out. He hand crafts amazing costumes, draws creepy pictures, and makes spooky videos, resulting in endlessly hilarious Halloween hijinks. This deep love for All Hollows’ Eve is also inspiring, and you can’t help but share his excitement.

To gear up for Oct. 31, read on to see 23 times Gubler put his passion for Halloween in action.

1. When he opened up about his feelings

2. When he wore a homemade costume

3. When he played a spooky prank on friends, including costar Paget Brewster

4. When he wrote an original Halloween song

5. When he drew spine-tingling art

6. When he directed a scary episode of Criminal Minds

7. When he wore creepy makeup in August

8. When he directed the holiday-themed music video for “Dirt Sledding” by The Killers and made the costumes

9. When he jammed out to Halloween tunes in the dark

10. When he warned us that smashing pumpkins is sacrilegious

11. When he founded a Halloween gang

12. When he gave us a glimpse at his eerie home decor

13. When he committed to visiting a haunted house

14. When he made this festive video

And this one.

15. When he revealed what is in his heart

16. When he shared a childhood memory

17. When he made us think

18. When he kept his Halloween decorations up until January

19. When he revealed what’s in his trunk

20. When he declared his allegiance to orange and black

21. When he showed how much he looks forward to Oct. 31

22. When he tweeted season’s greetings with palpable joy

23. The time he was in denial about All Hallows’ Eve ending

Let Gubler’s deep love for his favorite holiday inspire you to have the best Halloween ever.