1600 Pennsylvania Ave. meets 21 Jump Street in a new Funny or Die video seeking to raise awareness about sexual assault on college campuses.

Starring Vice President Joe Biden and Pitch Perfect actor Adam Devine, the four-minute short finds the unlikely pair going undercover at a booze-soaked party to spread the word about recognizing and preventing non-consensual sex.

“Hey there, fellow college students,” Biden deadpans while dressed in a charcoal gray suit, striped tie, aviator sunglasses, and American flag pin. DeVine is only slightly better at blending in, fumbling with the finer points of millennial slang.

Things get serious when Biden finally reveals the ruse and addresses the revelers, noting that one in five women and one in 16 men are sexually assaulted by the time they leave college. “We can all work together change that,” he says.

Watch Biden and Devine in the Funny or Die video above.