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Walter (Elyes Gabel) is in for a rude awakening when he shows up in Lake Tahoe to profess his love to Paige (Katharine McPhee), who is there attending a jazz festival with Tim Armstrong (Scott Porter).

“It goes beyond what his worst expectations could’ve been,” says executive producer Nicholas Wootton.

Adds EP Nick Santora: “Usually when Walter has a plan, it works out because he’s genius. He goes to Tahoe with a plan and let’s just say he stumbles upon a variable he doesn’t expect.”

The one upside is that Walter won’t be the only angsty one in the Scorpion garage when the show returns for season 3. Remember, in the second season finale, Toby (Eddie Kaye Thomas) finds out that Happy (Jadyn Wong) was already married. However, in the season premiere, Scorpion is going to have to hit pause on their romantic issues when malicious hackers hijack America’s military forces.


After Monday’s two-hour premiere, the emotionally-stunted genius will endeavor to endear himself to Paige by using 197 IQ to solve problems normal people face, like condiments falling off hot dogs. Thus, the U-Dog is born.

“The U-Dog is a U-shaped, canoed-out hot dog that allows you to stuff it with fixings in a way that there is equal distribution of toppings without the risk of toppings falling over the bun,” explains Santora, adding that we might even hear Walter sing a little jingle.

However, ketchup stains will be the least of Walter’s problems when he’s launched into space early in the season. Gabel tells EW that Walter starts hallucinating a conversation with Paige when his oxygen begins to run low.

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“It’s a very, very, extremely, emotional episode that has a lot of the Waige stuff everybody’s been looking for,” says Wootton.

While the cast and producers are more than willing to tease everything that happens to Walter, they’re staying mum about the identity of Happy’s husband.

“There’s a big reveal at the end of one of the first few coming up that, I guarantee, [will make] your jaw drop,” says Wootton.

With Toby and Happy’s drama and Paige and Walter, the Scorpion garage sounds like it’s going to be a very awkward place to be this season. “One person it definitely affects is Sylvester [Ari Stidham], who just hates being around that angsty energy,” says Santora.

Scorpion returns Monday at 9:01 p.m. ET on CBS.

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