Credit: Netflix

No haters can stop Miranda Sings from pursuing her dreams in the new trailer for YouTube star Colleen Ballinger’s Netflix series, Haters Back Off.

The Netflix original series details the character’s quest for global stardom and her determination to follow in the footsteps of previous internet sensations, including Justin Bieber and that cat that fell off the table when it got scared.

In the trailer released Monday, Miranda takes to YouTube with a painful rendition of Christina Aguilera’s “Genie in a Bottle” in a fetching tomato-red getup and matching lipstick. She is initially ecstatic with the 53 views she receives, declaring, “That’s practically everyone there is!” But, we live in a fickle world, and she soon she starts noticing the negative comments too. Despite lacking any real talent, Miranda is blissfully unaware of this minor glitch in the plan, and so the online haters only fuel her ambition to become famous.


Regardless of Miranda’s naivety, the message is strong: “Even though you’re all a bunch of haters, I’m not going to let that stop me from pursuing my dreams,” she says. So haters better back off.

The eight-episode series is available to stream on Netflix on Oct. 14.

Watch the trailer above.

Haters Back Off
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