Can you smell what Auli’i Cravalho is cooking?

Before Dwayne Johnson was the biggest movie star in the world, he used his charisma to charm wrestling fans everywhere with his dominating moves, perfect catchphrases, and great eyebrow work. While it’s been a few years since Johnson was last in the ring, he’s found some new competition — his Moana costar.

On Monday, Cravalho, who voices the title character in the upcoming Disney animated film, posted a video to Twitter where she told Johnson, who plays Maui, the legendary demigod, that she could do his signature move — “The People’s Eyebrow” — better than him.

“So Auli’i, which I appreciate, she’s very confident, but she thinks she can do my thing, my signature thing better than me, which is impossible,” boasted Johnson. “So we’re going to see right now.”

The young actress impressed Johnson with her version of the eyebrow raise, with him especially appreciating the amount of arch she demonstrated. The artist formerly known as The Rock, then stepped in to teach her how it’s done. ‘Let me just step. Oh, that’s sexy,” he said. “Game over.”

Despite his cocky proclamation, the game wasn’t over as it was revealed that Johnson does have one weak spot — he can only do one eyebrow. While Cravalho proved to be able to nail both eyebrows, Johnson struggled with the left one as he tried to reflect back on his “drunk days.”

Jumping in at the last minute to declare Cravalho the winner was Lin-Manuel Miranda, who is producing original music for the film.

Moana sails into theaters on Nov. 23. Watch the video below.

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