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During the Saturday Night Live season 42 premiere, Kate McKinnon introduced a new character deranged enough to make Margot Robbie break into laughter.

The Suicide Squad star, who was the evening’s host, impersonated Keira Knightley, one of several actresses being interviewed during a film festival round table — including McKinnon’s Debette Goldry, a fictional icon from Hollywood’s Golden Age.

When Aidy Bryant’s moderator asks what challenges the actresses have faced as women in Hollywood, Robbie’s Knightley answers, “The roles just aren’t there. Everyone just wants to cast you as the girlfriend, the mother, the beautiful girlfriend, the beautiful mother.” Sasheer Zamata, playing Lupita Nyong’o, chimes in, “Exactly. Everyone asks what you’re wearing, but nobody asks what you’re thinking.”

Then, McKinnon’s new character throws the other actresses for a loop: “Yep, everyone gives you drugs to wake you up, drugs to put you to sleep,” Debette Goldry tells her horrified peers. “Back at MGM, they’d give me opioid injections between my toes to keep me quiet between takes, and then they’d have a little man run over, give me a shot of amphetamine to say my line: ‘Stop hitting me with that shovel, Clark Gable!’ And then more opium. You girls know how it is.”

“No, we don’t,” Robbie responds, laughing and breaking character. “Is that a thing that happened?” McKinnon’s character answers, “Well, sweetheart, with opium you never really know, do you?”

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Debette Goldry goes on to share how she was paid in brooches, made to strip for Nazis, and forced to marry a chimpanzee. See the full sketch, which also stars Cecily Strong as Marion Cotillard, in the video below, and check out the season premiere recap here.

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