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For Mark Wahlberg, making his new film Deepwater Horizon was about honoring the lives of those who died when the drilling rig exploded in 2010.

While attending the Toronto International Film Festival, where the film had its world premiere, Wahlberg, director Peter Berg, and the rest of the cast talked to EW about the unique experience of making a film based on such a tragic true story.

“Normally you’re making a movie that’s about your own individual experience as an actor,” he said. “And when you’re making a movie like this, that’s about so much more, we kind of all come together as one for the same purpose, which is to honor the 11 people that lost their lives and the men and women who were working on the rig and who did some pretty amazing things to survive and to help others survive.”

Kate Hudson, who stars as Wahlberg’s wife in the film, also discussed what’s important when portraying a real-life person, who audiences will mostly be unfamiliar with.

“I think there’s certain films where you play iconic characters, where it’s an important part of sort of getting the body language or the way that they look,” she shared. “And really what’s most important in a film like this where you’re not familiar with their image, that it’s actually more important that you’re portraying the essence.”

Deepwater Horizon, which also stars Gina Rodriguez and Kurt Russell, lands in theaters on Friday.

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