The song is off her upcoming children's album, 'Dream Too Much'
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Credit: Tony Barson Archive/WireImage

How do you sleep at night if you’re a star?

That’s the big question at the heart of a song — and its music video, premiering exclusively here — on Amy Lee’s new solo album, “If You’re A Star,” an exclusive with Amazon Music. If that doesn’t sound like Evanescence singer’s regular fare, well, that’s because it isn’t.

Lee’s latest project, Dream Too Much, is made up of children’s songs both original and well known. It got its start as a birthday gift to her radio DJ dad, but turned into an even bigger labor of love when Lee began incorporating her siblings, uncle, and even her young son into the process of producing the album.

The music video takes its cue from Lee’s lyrics — which are a delightful mash-up between a picture book and a lullaby — by featuring animated dancing stars, sheep, and various other critters.

“The video is meant to illustrate that we’re never alone, that we’re not so different, all across the world,” Lee said in a statement to EW. “All you have to do is look up to remember that we are all under the same very big sky, maybe even wishing on the same star.”

Dream Too Much comes out Sept 30. Watch the video above.