Greg Rucka gives a thoughtful answer about one of DC's biggest heroes

By Christian Holub
Updated September 29, 2016 at 05:48 PM EDT
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Is Wonder Woman queer? It’s a complicated question. She’s one of the most popular and iconic superheroes of all time, but her history is a lot more muddled than brethren like Batman and Superman. Her origin has been reworked multiple times this year alone, and some of those new versions (Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette’s Wonder Woman: Earth One and Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott’s “Year One” storyline in the flagship Wonder Woman title) strongly imply that Diana has had romantic and/or sexual relationships with other Amazon women on their paradise island of Themyscira. Rucka was recently interviewed about this by Comicosity, and confirmed that the character was queer (a word that has many definitions, but used here to refer to romantic and/or sexual interest in people of the same gender). His thoughtful response deserves to be quoted at length.

This response is remarkable for a lot of reasons, not least because it seems to be at odds with DC’s upcoming big-budget Wonder Woman movie starring Gal Gadot as Diana and Chris Pine as Steve Trevor. Rucka, however, insists that he has never gotten any pushback from DC on this.

Wonder Woman’s queerness is not entirely a new concept. The original Wonder Woman comics, written by creator William Moulton Marston and illustrated by Harry Peter, feature many scenes evocative of bondage and lesbian erotica. Marston was an eccentric figure who spent most of his life in a polyamorous marriage, and his work on the character has inspired at least two recent book-length examinations: The Secret History of Wonder Woman by Jill Lepore, which dug into the real-life history of Marston, and Wonder Woman: Bondage and Feminism in the Marston/Peter Comics by Noah Berlatsky, a textual analysis of those themes in the comics themselves.

Read Rucka’s full interview here.

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